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Hello World!

Thank you for visiting our page & for your interest in Suns of Defiance. This band has been a dream of mine ever since I was 21 years old; the year I discovered that a few people ACTUALLY LIKED some songs & lyrics I’d written then. We’d played to a packed house one night with my former band Center Stage & I knew, in that very instant, that I wanted to play drums, sing & write songs for the rest of my life. I set out on that goal & haven’t looked back since. And 22 years later, it’s finally time to share my songwriting with the world once again. I always was & still am very influenced by a multitude of songwriters. And I believe that with their art, they change the world for the better. I hope to one day do the same with this band & the music that we create.


I began this project in 2010. And since then, it’s come to encompass the efforts & talents of close to 40 people!! Needless to say, one man does not a band make. So when you hear me refer to the SOD “Movement” or “Family”, you’ll have a better understanding of whom I’m referring.


The debut album is finally going to be released soon!! It’s been an arduous 5 year process involving countless setbacks & expenses. But anything truly worth having in life involves sacrifice, persistence & “Patience” to manifest. We chose to go all out on every aspect & not cut any corners. Mix master Omar Torres has done a stellar job getting the raw tracks we recorded into the concise, detailed songs that they are today.


I’m excited for our album release event in Los Angeles on November 6th which will feature the SOD/LA band live along with some very talented friends; Joseph (Broseph) Eid, High Noon Whiskey & Jet Pilot Jerry.


Independent artists such as ourselves are entirely self-funded. We incur studio expenses, gear rentals, travel expenses, instrument costs, web site development & hosting, video shoot fees, promotional materials & lots more. The ONLY way we can continue to give you our best effort, live & recorded, is with YOUR SUPPORT!!


So please continue to listen to our tracks, watch/share/like our videos, like & share our posts, buy some merchandise, come to a show & purchase the new album “The Art of Patience” upon release.


Thanks for your support & for being a part of my life’s work. I love you all!! Lot’s more to come folks, so please stay connected.


Also wanna give a huge thanks to Dave Newlove Multimedia & his crew for designing & launching this brand new, awesome website!!







Don Tonic

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